Complete Fiction and Non-Fiction Editing

Editing Done Right

At Red Quill Editing LLC, we get it. The characters take over your dreams and every waking moment, demanding their story be told. If only they had better grammar and kept track of those little content details. Allow us to help you in that aspect.

Books - Fiction Editing

With our freelance editing in physical and electronic media, you receive an objective look at content and flow, attention to detail, and even suggestions to take your story out of your dreams and into the world where it can soar. Our editors are experienced in all fiction genres and subgenres, including:

   •  Adult    •  New Adult    •  Young Adult    •  Children

We fine-tune these technical aspects within your storyline:

   •  Medical 
   •  Psychological 
   •  Legal 
   •  Scene Blocking and Technique
   •  Non-Consent (Non-con) Versus Dubious Content (Dub-con) 
   •  Devise New and Better Ways to Kill Off Bad Guys
In addition to fiction editing, we also work on academic, journal, and technical articles and other non-fiction editing jobs.
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